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This is a revolutionary self-coaching handbook will really help you to reflect on your life and see what steps you can take to improve it. I, Pia Webb, will personally guide and inspire you through-out. It´s easy to improve  your own quality of life. You might ask yourself, how long will it take? Once you take that first step in the right direction you will feel an instant improvement.

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“Finally a self help book that put ME in control of my life.”

Paul Henry

“Wonderful book which has changed my life! From my diet and exercise to re-shaping my career. I am so thankful to the Author Pia Webb!”

Samantha Bailey

“Everyone should read this inspiring book, employees and managers alike!”

Veronica Lejsved (HR Manager of the Year in Sweden 2011), Director HR & Communications at Boliden Smelters

“I wish this book had been around 30 years ago as I was first starting out on my career.”

David Friesner

“Pia Webb has created a model that is so ingenious in its simplicity that it can be applied to every aspect of life, from relationships to work and career.”

Maria Torshall, Chief Editor at the Swedish Health Magazine ‘Hälsa’

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Revolutionary self help book