Award: Swedish Self-help book finalist in The 2015 International Book Awards

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Quality of life consultant Pia Webb’s book Improve Your Own Quality of Life the Sweden way has been honored as a “Finalist” in the “Self-Help: Motivational” category of the International Book Awards. The book that’s been released in both Swedish and English, is a powerful coaching tool developed by Pia. The book helps the reader to take back control of their lives, one step at a time.

“A big Congratulations to all of the Winners and Finalists of our 6th Annual International Book Awards. Over 1,200 books from 15 countries were entered into this year’s competition. We will continue to celebrate excellence in the indie and mainstream publishing now and in the future!” – Jeffrey Keen, President & CEO, i310 Media Group, Los Angeles

Pia Webb has created a coaching tool based on her own experience in life which has been the foundation upon which people have managed to restructure their lives – from a drug addict facing a bleak future to a business leader on the brink of a burn out. It is a unique tool that is so “ingenious in its simplicity that it can be applied to every aspect of life, from relationships to job and career” (quote from Maria Torshall, chief editor of the Swedish Health Magazine “Hälsa”).

Pia Webb’s life coaching philosophy is unique and extremely powerful. With her book, she inspires the reader to understand that everything is possible and dare to make it happen, “Pia has proven that everything is possible. Now it’s just up to you to be inspired, choose your path and get to work” (quote from Niklas Delmar, Managing Director at 4potentials, Sweden).

The 2015 International Book Awards

The 2015 International Book Awards is designed to launch the careers of the world’s best authors, giving them recognition and wider global market.

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About Pia Webb

Pia has inspired thousands of people in United Kingdom and successfully coached many executives and business leaders both in Sweden and abroad. She believes that everyone can do something to find the motivation to take control of life. Her strengths lie in getting each person to just find their motivation, and work on their own terms.

Pia’s understanding of human condition, well-being and organisational success is due to her own success, adversity and a period of great grief. This led to Pia finding her own inner strength and in turn wanting to share what she had found with others, so they too can turn their lives around. Pia Webb holds a 1st BA (hons) Marketing degree from United Kingdom and USA. She is a certified life and career coach (accredited by the EMCC at the senior Practitioner level).