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Pia Webb is a Quality of Life Consultant and certified Life and Career coach who has inspired thousands and coached top and middle managers in Sweden and United Kingdom. With over 1000 coaching hours in Personal Development, Leadership and Business Development she portrays the link between the individual’s quality of life and success of the organisation in such an inspiring and innovative ways. So far, her talks have contributed to that many people immediately have felt motivated to act to improve their own lives.

Based on her experience she created Webbs Quality of Life Model© in 2009, which has been successfully adopted by thousands of people. The model focuses on the link between the individual´s quality of life and the organisation´s success and has the potential to turn any person or organisation around. She is on a mission to take the model global.

Her self-coaching handbook “Improve your own quality of life the Swedish Way” has been awarded as Finalist in the International Book Awards 2015, USA, under the category Motivational Self-Help book. The Swedish version of the book “Förbättra livet på ditt sätt” came out in March 2015 and has already changed many people’s lives.

Her seminars/workshops are all based around Webbs Quality of Life Model© and the holistic coaching tools that come with it.

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Said about Pia Webb

Maria TorshallChief Editor at the Swedish Health Magazine 'Hälsa', Sweden
“Pia Webb has created a model that is so ingenious in its simplicity that it can be applied to every aspect of life, from relationships to work and career. With this book, it becomes very clear why and how you will find your motivation, based upon your own circumstances.”
Andrew ThorpAward winning speaker, Great Britain
“Pia is doing something really important in our world – highlighting the pernicious problem of stress and giving us practical tools to deal with everyday pressures. She is an engaging speaker and I can guarantee your life will be enhanced by spending time with her and listening to (and applying) her wisdom.”
Veronica Lejsved(HR Manager of the Year in Sweden 2011), Director HR & Communications at Boliden Smelters
“Everyone should read Pia Webb´s inspiring book, employees and managers alike. Pia Webb means that the key to a successful business is that the staff are happy and feel they can develop in the workplace – this book is an excellent tool to enable it to happen.”


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