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May 5th, 2017, BBC Capital, ”How rich are you, really?,

RADIO INTERVIEW USA: Quality of Life and Career Coach Pia Webb shares her thoughts on the 6 hour working day, PRI The World USAlisten here! (time: 19:01 – 22:48)

PRI´s The World in partnership with BBC & WGBH, Marco Werman interviews Pia Webb, 4 November 2015, USA

HEADLINE: Entreprenurs can have work-life balance too, Sweden

The Local, Maddy Savage interviews Pia Webb, 3 Nov 2015, Sweden, read article here!

“Startup and small business owners should not panic about missing out on quality of life. It is possible to run your own company without running yourself into the ground, argues Swedish career and life coach Pia Webb…” read the more here!

HEADLINE: The truth about Sweden´s short working hours, United Kingdom

BBC News, Maddy Savage inteviews Pia Webb, 2 Nov 2015, United Kingdom

“Swedish businesses see the link between health and profitability,” she says”… read more here!

HEADLINE: Death of my daugher made me examine my work/life balance, says Pia Webb

HR Review interviews Pia Webb, 25 March 2014, United Kingdom, Canada, USA

“You recently published a self-help book, ‘Improve your own quality of life’, which aims to improve employee wellbeing and work-life balance. What motivated you to write the book?

Firstly, if it wasn´t for our first born daughter Lilly (who died during delivery in 2006), Webbs Quality of Life Model would never have been created. That made me really reflect on what life is all about, e.g. why do we live? What is quality of life? If it wasn´t for her the book would never have been written…”

Read article  here!

HEADLINE: Rossendale´s Pia Webb – My recipe for loving life

Lancashire Life Magazine, Issue July 2014, United Kingdom

“Tragic events spurred Rossendale’s Pia Webb to write a book designed to help others get their lives back on track. If the television stereotypes are true, when Scandinavians aren’t thinking of ever more elaborate murder plots they contemplate the hopelessness of life and give serious thought to ending it all.

So when a Swede, albeit one living in Rossendale, decides to produce a self-help book aimed at making jolly Lancastrians even jollier, cynics might think she is, well, having a laugh.

But Pia Webb’s book is being taken seriously by the people who use it and there are impressive testimonials on line. The author, who lives with her husband and two children in Helmshore, has produced ‘Improve Your Own Quality of Life – The Swedish Way.’…”

Read article here!

HEADLINE: How losing a baby gave rise to a business about quality of life

The Globe and Mail, Harvey Schachter, interviews Pia Webb, 24 April 2014, Canada

When Pia Webb lost her first child at birth, it inspired her to think about the fragility and meaning of life. The doctors, it was later discovered, mistook her heartbeat for that of the baby, who died of oxygen starvation before anyone could realize a tragedy was transpiring…”

Read article here!

HEADLINE: Swede dreams of a better life

Lancashire Telegraph, Saturday 1 March 2014, United Kingdom


HEADLINE: Valley mum gives life tips to help former fotball chief

Rossendale Free Press, 14 March 2014, United Kingdom




Personal File – Pia Webb,

quality of life consultant, author

Lancashire Telegraph, Monday 3 March 2014


Pia Webb´s Business Advice:

  • Be brave enough to consolidate unsuccessful businesses / products / services.
  • Set a clear vision and focus on how you are going to get there.
  • Having people with you is crucial. The best way to achieve increased long-term success for any organisation it to empower the people who work in it to look after themselves – both at home and at work.