Live coaching during forest bathing

Global Live Coaching Webinar Find your inner peace

Thursday 11 June 4 – 5.30 pm (CEST)

Outdoor Life & Career coach Pia Webb will coach 1-3 participants live during Swedish forest bathing. There is room for an audience of 500 people – make sure you are one of them!

Price: 100 SEK (approx. £10, $10, €10)
Get inspired via video clip här! (Länk till video alt lägg upp videon)

Note: If you can ́t attend live you can view the webinar when it suit you. All people who sign up get a link to the recorded version.

Coaching during forest bathing with focus on inner peace

Thu 11 June 4-5.30pm (CEST) e.g 3pm UK time AGENDA (CEST)

4.00 – 4.10 pm: You log on watching Pia in the forest 4.10 – 5.20 pm: Pia Webb coach 1-3 volunteers live

5.20 – 5.30 pm: Pia ends with a summary/answer questions

Note: The webinar is broadcast globally and will be in English. Everyone who participates will be anonymous; you will only hear Pia Webb voice and the person being coached.

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Feedback from webinar around the campfire with Pia Webb

“It was the best zoom webinar experience I’ve been a part of and I came away from it with my spirits lifted. The campfire is a wonderful concept. I feel a lot of the ‘coaching industry’ has become uninspiring and was only discussing this with colleagues in Asia earlier today. Thank you for the experience today. It was a bright spot in this age of lockdown”, Participant from Great Britain

“I would recommend everybody to watch the webinar cause the fire is soothing, calming and energizing. Pias method of coaching is perfect to the fire, the way she slowly show you the way forward and aiming for your goals. She has a open mind about the world which make it easy to believe her when she tells you that you can do it.”, Participant from Sweden

“I attended the Global Live Coaching Webinar by the campfire. This was an amazing experience, so different from what a webinar can be. Watching the lake and the campfire while Pia was coaching was refreshing! I like very much the way Pia coached participants to the webinar. The way she coached provided insights right away. What I really appreciate is that she has her own style, with authenticity and her own method that she created a while ago and which seems to give quick and valuable results. I highly recommend
Pia!” Participant from the Netherlands