Example from others Quality of Life – Top 10

What does quality of life mean to you?

Have you ever written down your thoughts on what quality of life means to you? It´s a very powerful exercise that can help you to take steps towards improving your own quality of life instantly.

Getting things down on “paper” can for some people be all that is needed to start to take that first step towards an improved quality of Life.


Inspiration for others Quality of Life – Top 10

Growth Manager – Top 10 list

  1. Spending time with family
  2. Avoiding stress
  3. Waking up happy
  4. Spending my day feeling happy
  5. Job stability – somehow knowing that my job is safe
  6. Being loved
  7. Being healthy – eating right and exercising
  8. Exploring a hobby
  9. Continuously learning
  10. Travelling more

Impact Specialist  – Top 10 list

  1. Having lots of quality time with husband
  2. Taking my dog for lovely long walks whenever I want
  3. Seeing friends regularly
  4. Doing a job I love!
  5. Flexible hours
  6. Spending good quality time with my family
  7. Going on holidays and having new experiences
  8. Being in a position where I have ‘enough’. More is always good, but enough is enough for quality of life
  9. Being able to get help / support for things that make me miserable. eg. having a cleaner because cleaning makes me sad
  10. Being able to try new things / take a few risks / make a few mistakes without feeling like it’s the end of the world


Freelance Design, Product Development, Production Management  – Top 10 list 

  1. Creating community. Nurturing connections with others
  2. Playing outside (“exercise” – though typically I don’t use that word. I like “play” better)
  3. Playing inside (“work” – it has taken years to develop work that I equate with play. I love it and look forward to it!)
  4. Play in the garden to grow organic foods. Supplement with buying quality, local foods when possible so I can Play in the kitchen
  5. Maintaining a sense of gratitude for all that I have. Attitude is key to feeling fulfilled.
  6. Choosing happiness. We control our emotions…no one else.
  7. Laughing with reckless abandon. With regularity.
  8. Giving without expecting anything in return. Sharing your love and appreciation.
  9. Develop personal responsibility, own your mistakes and leverage them for personal growth. Always keep learning.
  10. Know that every day, you will be balancing the ebb and flow of all the above priorities.


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Architect – Top 10 list (in alphabetical order)

  1. Community – To be in a nurturing physical and social place
  2. Consciousness – To be spiritually grounded
  3. Family – To be in contact with those I am related to
  4. Friends – To be in contact with those I care about
  5. Gratitude – To be thankful for all I have
  6. Health – To live a long life without major illnesses
  7. Interaction – To be able to exchange ideas with others
  8. Knowledge – To be able to share with others
  9. Love – in all things (and maybe one in particular)
  10. Wealth – To be able to afford the things I need and a few things I don’t

Management Advisory Professional – Top 10 list

  1. Super contributions by the esteemed predecessors.
  2. Create harmony & also adhere to harmony everywhere & in every format.
  3. Building bridges & pulling down walls.
  4. Practice humanity as a way of life.
  5. All are born equal-no further corollaries.
  6. Building the word ‘Empower’-& empower the ones that need to be…
  7. Strive for balance-excellence & perfection follow.
  8. Gratitude for all big & bigger.
  9. To forgive, to be forgiven & to not cause to be forgiven.
  10. To not judge people & thereby increase emotional baggage.
  11. Endorse & live by ethics & values that i have grown with.

HR Manager – Top 10 list

  1. Having sense of well-being
  2. Being purposeful in what I do
  3. Having fun, laughing and enjoying life. Sense of humour
  4. Getting into bed at end of day the knowing I have achieved something useful, feeling of satisfaction
  5. Working at the top of my potential
  6. Growing and learning new skills and knowledge
  7. Healthy. Looking good for my age, smart appearance, well groomed
  8. Being relaxed and calm, at peace
  9. Earning decent money
  10. Having great family relationships

Personal/corporate Coach – Top 10 list

  1. Own happiness and health
  2. Family and friends´ happiness and health
  3. Running my successful coaching business (flexible working)
  4. Success social networking business  (financial freedom)
  5. Family holidays
  6. Continued professional development
  7. Fund raising time
  8. Time for me and my partner (Walking dog, social time with  our friends and meals out)
  9. Yoga and exercise classes
  10. Home – time chilling out and looking at new interior design ideas for a beautiful family home


Independent Business Consultant, Mentor & Coach – Top 10 list

  1. Be honest with yourself about all things.
  2. Never dodge a problem, deal with it as soon as possible!
  3. Allow real emotions to be given and received.
  4. Take time to see the life going on around you and get involved.
  5. Take the time to find a career that is personally rewarding.
  6. Take the time to find hobbies and interests that you personally enjoy and do them!
  7. Avoid ‘negative’ people and situations.
  8. Listen to and consider both sides in any discussion.
  9. Be firm but fair in all business actions.
  10. Always have a personal challenge or target in view.