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5.0 out of 5 stars – A wonderful and inspiring book – one of those everyone should have!

By S.S.Bailey

“Wonderful book which has changed my life! From my diet and exercise to re-shaping my career.I am soo thankful to the Author Pia!”


5.0 out of 5 stars – Pia Webb & The Swedish Way to quality of life 

By Philip de Verdon

“Pia has produced a book with a great integrity – driven by her desire to genuinely be of service and help to others, from the perspective of her own experience. Her positivity and energy comes through clearly – how the book portrays her is how she really is. The book is written and presented in an open and easy to read manner, and provides practical methodologies that anyone should be able to follow. Work-life balance is almost a hackneyed phrase now, but the fact remains that no matter what some people may say, people work to live, even if work is a key ingredient in the pleasure and fulfilment of life. Quality of life is key. Buy this book and try ‘The Swedish Way’, as introduced by the wonderful Pia Webb! If you don’t have time, perhaps that’s a good indication that you need to make time… Enjoy it.”


5.0 out of 5 stars – Superb, a MUST buy, so simple yet so inspiring

By Jon Brough

“This book is inspirational and really key to everyday life and long term planning, it makes you re-focus on what is truly important to you and can make a positive difference to you and others within your circle of friends, family or colleagues”
5.0 out of 5 stars Fantastic
By Jodie B

“Brilliant book, completely unlike any other self help book I’ve read before and incredibly inspiring! I would recommend to anyone who wants to take control of their life :)”


5.0 out of 5 stars Finally a self help book that put ME in control of my life
By P. henry

“I find that many self help books are great at short term inspiration but tend to fade away once real life kicks in. Pia´s workbook overcomes that by allowing you to set small achievable goals and then reward yourself each time you meet each goal. That means you are constantly giving yourself a “pat on the back” so remain both confident and positive. And because the book isn’t “preachy” it means you can be a little selfish and decide what’s really best for you and then using Pia´s methods, go and get it! On a personal note Pia´s helped me change a few things in my business and it’s given me back my weekends, Pia´s approach also helped me to restructure a few of the services I offer in my business. That’s all because I stopped looking at it as a big mountain of a task and instead dealt with it as little steps. I’m now looking at writing a book and I’ll be using Pia´s system to make sure I don´t get overwhelmed with it all. Pia´s teaching and her Quality of Life system is something I will keep going back to because it works, even if I change direction, so it really is a book for life”


Inspiring Reviews:

“Pia Webb has created a model that is so ingenious in its simplicity that it can be applied to every aspect of life, from relationships to work and career. With this book, it becomes very clear why and how you will find your motivation, based upon your own circumstances.” Maria Torshall, Chief Editor at the Swedish Health Magazine ‘Hälsa’

“Just by reading a small part of the book I think I will be able to make a life plan, keep addressing and setting myself small but achievable goals. It is Pia Webb and her book who have made it possible for me to smile at myself in the mirror every morning and look forward to another day.” Jason, former drug addict, Great Britain

“Finally! Pia Webb has created a simple, easy to read and incredibly educational book that makes it very clear that it is me who is responsible for my life and how I want to live it. This book goes straight to my heart. Pia is living proof that everything is possible. The book will inspire you to reflect on your life and start to act!” Niklas Delmar, Managing Director at 4potentials

“Everyone should read this inspiring book, employees and managers alike. Pia Webb means that the key to a successful business is that the staff are happy and feel they can develop in the workplace – this book is an excellent tool to enable it to happen.” Veronica Lejsved (HR Manager of the Year in Sweden 2011), Director HR & Communications at Boliden Smelters

“Pia’s model is simple to work with and better still, it works! I encourage business leaders to embrace it. People present the core value in organisations and it is imperative we all have to handle our own well-being. After all your business success is reliant on well-motivated, happy staff!” Sarah Aubrey, Managing Director at DPG plc


Long Review:

‘I wish this book had been around 30 years ago as I was first starting out on my career…’

I’ve often thought about compiling my own Bucket List – ‘The Bucket List for a Better Life – 10 Business and Lifestyle Books Must Reads!’ If so, this handbook would certainly make it into my Top 10! So much of what I’ve done and how I’ve done it during my career match so much of Pia’s book. Unfortunately, I did not have the benefit of just one book… read full review here! / David Friesner, Management Consultant

Book Launch

“It was an event not to be missed; to be ‘in on the ground floor’ of the launch of this most exciting book was a pure pleasure – get it & read it – live by it! If it is to be – it´s down to me”

/ David Bell, Group Director,Utility Warehouse Discount Club/ TelecomPlus plc


“Pia is an inspiration and having the opportunity to hear her talk about her own journey and how the book came in to being adds further weight to the content! Great day had by all!”

/ Caroline Jarvis


“Pia Webb is an enterprising inspirational woman who speaks from the heart borne out of real experience and her charm and confident faith in her ethos cannot fail to enthuse and enable her readers to improve their current life style”

/ Carol Davidson


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