What is Quality of Life?

I asked myself the question `What is quality of life´ over 10 years ago. The answer I came up with is now the foundation on which my life and business enterprise is built. Let me share with you how I came up with the answer.

The thought that the individual´s quality of life is associated with the level of the organisation´s success, has been something that I´ve always considered to be obvious. It was not until 2006 that the feeling of doing something about it began. When my husband and I tragically lost our first-born daughter, in May 2006, the seed of Webbs Consulting´s business model was sewn. It all began with the sentence I wrote in my diary, four days after the loss – “I want all people to live the life they deserve, filled with love, happiness and success”. From that day I felt very strongly about setting up a business focusing on quality of life, however, it wasn´t until 2009 (3 years later) that I did something about it.

The foundation for Webbs Consulting´s business model was documented one day at the kitchen table in Sweden, when I had just dropped off the kids at preschool. I sat down at our dinner table with a sheet of green paper and a pen and began writing and drawing. I reflected on what quality of life is for an individual and also what it is for an organisation.

During the creation of my quality of life model, my private and professional experiences in life had a strong impact. The main personal experience consisted of sadness of losing our child and the negative stress that I had been through, which led to a small burnout, and the professional experiences of turning companies around as a Vice President and CEO within the IT and telecommunications industry. The business model was named Webbs Quality of Life Model© and is today the foundation for Webbs Consulting and the backbone of this book.

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